Battlefield 2042 revealed

Started by Legend, Jun 09, 2021, 05:13 PM

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Surprisingly grounded for 2042.

I laughed out loud at the jet scene.


no single player, GaaS.    i'm out.


64 players only for PS4. No free PS4 to PA5 upgrade. Yeah im not buying this anytime soon.

Probably will get it when I get a PS5. It will have more content, it will be patched and can probably find it for dirt cheap. And if its as good as it looks it will have a community still thriving  


No interest in this whatsoever.

Also I think that's a pretty awful trailer, just felt really off. Production values and music makes it kind of hype inducing, but its just a bad trailer.


no single player, GaaS.    i'm out.
But bots! /s