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Started by the-pi-guy, Nov 20, 2020, 03:36 AM

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So my intention here is to share more textbook knowledge.  This is leaning towards a more academic study than most threads of this type are like.  One purpose for this thread, could be to share stuff like GDC talks.  In that case, I think I would probably share the videos and make summaries.  Or if there are any good youtube videos that go into graphics or game development stuff, please share.
I'm also trying to get through some books, and want to share what I learn.  I'm starting off with Real Time Rendering.  

No idea how this is going to go, but I figure it is worth trying.  

1.) Graphics Pipeline


From the Real Time Rendering textbook chapter 2 by Tomas Akenine-Moller, Erin Haines, Naty Hoffman, Angelo Pesce, Michal Iwanicki, Sebastien Hillaire
if people are interested in learning more.  

(In progress)

Graphics Pipe Line: Stages

Largely executes on the CPU, except that more and more, we see the GPU being used in a similar fashion.

Geometry Processing
Vertex Shading
Two main tasks: compute the position for a vertex, evaluate other vertex output data

Screen Mapping

Triangle setup
Triangle Traversal

Pixel Processing
Pixel Shading