Let me know if ps+ goes on sale (US)

Started by kitler53, Aug 27, 2020, 07:50 PM

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Found this.
Is CD Keys Legit? Thoughts & experience with them? : Steam

Well if that's all then its more okay but its still bad to buy games that way, you're giving much less money to the actual devs. Perhaps buying games from big pubs and rich corporations in this way isn't so unethical, they're loaded anyway and the extra money just goes into the execs pockets.


I think hackers steal other people's credit cards info and buy loads of keys with them to sell on. People find out and get a refund from their bank so the devs/ pubs receive no money, but the keys are already sold and people have the game. I'm not sure if stuff like this has been cracked down on yet. Anyway, for reasons other people have said and more these sites are just bad.
i checked and while most resell sites do this CDKeys does not.  they do region exploits in which they buy the keys in a low cost region and sell them in a high cost region.

not "illegal" nessisarily.  but for me,.. not moral enough.


It's not? I just bought UK plus 25% off

Also, I recommend buying from cdkeys.com. Almost always cheaper there. I've done it many times, no worries about the legitimacy
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