Phobia-accessibility features

Started by the-pi-guy, Jul 31, 2020, 03:55 PM

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This is something that I have been thinking about for a few weeks.  
Ever since my wife walked out from a game due to bats.  

Turns out some games actually have a feature like this for arachnophobia:

It'd be cool if there were system wide features for this.  Someone with arachnophobia could mark that, and every game could replace every spider with something else.  

It'd be difficult to do.  Not just because it's more work for the developer, but also because it's not always an exact thing.  What counts as a spider?  

But still this is a cool idea and I'm glad others have thought about it.


I love everything like this.

System wide features would be great for common things. Like blood. Let the user select the max amount of blood they'd like to see (no blood, some blood, full blood) and then the game adjusts if possible or warns that it is outside content preferences.

Right now the only way to get around this is to make DLC that adds features, like this one: Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Reign of Blood on Steam

The user's content preferences could be something like
No spiders, minor spiders, full spiders
No blood, minor blood, full blood
No nudity, partial nudity, full nudity
No animal harm, minor animal harm, full animal harm
No snakes, minor snakes, full snakes
No trypophobia content, minor trypophobia, full trypophobia

Game simply adjusts what it can and warns what it still includes.