Email 2, what would it be?

Started by Legend, Feb 16, 2020, 07:52 AM

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Say you were put in charge of designing a new email system from the ground up, what would it be?

For starters I would use IP6 addresses instead of custom names. There is no reason people should ever think about this. Instead you would message people by name just like on social media.

Your email address would also be public. Everyone can see it, from friends to random scammers. Instead of treating the address as a privacy tool, keys are given out as needed. Add a friend? The system sends a custom key that only works for the friend.

At any time, you can review all active keys and cut off access. Say a company won't leave you alone. Just revoke the initial key you gave them and they cannot contact you again.

Say a company is changing their email address or is reworking things. They could connect to the system and auto transfer the key so things keep working, but you have a trail and know exactly what happened. Before the contents of any of these new emails are shown, you would have a popup alerting you to the change.

For public events, public keys could be passed out. These would act like temporary emails so strangers could contact you. If someone wanted traditional email, they would just use this and never delete the key.

Email tracking would be built in. You'd know when your emails are open and you'd know when keys are revoked. People could disable this if they wanted.


I'm not sure.  E-mail has pretty much been the only thing to survive.  We went from chatrooms, to websites, to messenger programs, to social sites, and back to chatrooms (Discord).  E-mail has been the only thing to not really evolve or change.  But still get used from a business end.