NPD Hardware Results for Oct, Nov, Dec (Leaks Return) - Switch 2.035M December Update: Jun-Sept also leaked

Started by Xevross, Jan 28, 2020, 03:48 PM

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Leaks on Era have returned!


NSW 309k (+21% YoY)
PS4 143k (-58% YoY)
XB1 108k (-49% YoY)


NSW 1423k (+5% YoY)
PS4 1253k (-15% YoY)
XB1 844k (-37% YoY)


NSW 2035k (+15% YoY)
PS4 645k (-19% YoY)
XB1 855k (-7% YoY)

2019 Estimated Totals:

Switch 6.50M (+15% YoY)
PS4 3.87M (-27% YoY)
XB1 3.05M (-30% YoY)


Cross-posting my analysis from Era:

So an excellent year and December for Switch. All that hype over the 2M December last year and this year we finally got it, truly a fantastic achievement. 6.53M (est.) is the biggest year of this generation, beating PS4's excellent 2015 record by about 800k. Switch is truly flying.
 I am shocked at how low PS4 is, what an awful December considering Sony did a $50 discount this year. November was much better than expected though so I guess it balances out. Overall a good year for PS4 all things considered, -28% YoY is about expected.
 XB1 had a very strong December, actually up over November for the first time since 2016. November was very poor, so December makes up for it. Kind of the reverse of PS4's holiday. Good(ish) year for Xb1 as well with a similar YoY decline although its less impressive considering its raw numbers are lower.

Dr. Pezus



How does Nov compare to previous guesstimates?
1416k < Switch < 1462k
802k < XB1 < 873k
1074k < PS4

was what we previously knew for November.

PS4 drops 50% from November to December.  That's kind of crazy.  
Yeah, very crazy. Combination of November being much stronger than expected for PS4 and December being much weaker. Especially weird considering PS4 and Xb1 usually behave fairly similarly in these two months yet this year they could hardly have been more different, with Xb1 flat.

I guess PS4's black friday deal was super crazy and everyone piled on that, while XB1 basically had the same good deals throughout both months.


The guy also leaked June-Sept! We have all the data again!

 June: 329K
 July: 252K
 August: 241K
 September: 432K
 June: 222K
 July: 185K
 August: 199K
 September: 200K
 June: 161K
 July: 109K
 August: 89K
 September: 140K

Updated the year figures in OP.


It's kinda crazy having actual numbers again.


That ps4 december number is abysmal. That's half of what they should be doing in that month at least. Sony should have made some proper deals.


Just occured to me that if the current estimate of ~46M WW sales for XB1 are right then PS4 has a 60M lead over it, or a 130% lead percentage wise.

The craziest thing is this, with XB1's US LTD being 27.53M it would mean XB1 has only sold 18.5M outside of the US, compared to 73.8M outside of the US for PS4. i.e. PS4 is outselling XB1 almost exactly 4:1 outside of America. Crazy.


Last year Zhuge said Xbox One was around 41 million in January.  

So where are these 9 million consoles?


No way has xbox one sold 9 million in one year specially when hardware sales were down YoY


NPD leaks are back? That's good!


NPD leaks are back? That's good!
They're gone again.


They're gone again.
Well it was good while it lasted