CONFIRMED Sony rumored to skip E3 with the announcement coming today-ZhugeEX

Started by Legend, Jan 13, 2020, 05:23 PM

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as a gamer i've enjoyed E3.   ..but i won't miss it.

for sony this makes a ton of sense.   releasing a video to youtube is probably 2-3 orders of magnitude cheaper then hosting a conference.  also your held captive on things like who shows first.  sony/ms can both more carefully cultivate their marketing message when they have more than 3 hours between conferences.    also like 90% of E3 announcements go unnoticed by the greater public due to the overwhelming about of content being discussed.   at most 5 things go viral across the entire conference.

don't care where.  don't care how.  just give me the ps5 reveal already.


Tom Warren is Senior Editor of The Verge.

No indication it's PlayStation related.  But I'm pretty firm that Sony will have something in February.  

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