Have you ever noticed real life "graphical defects"?

Started by the-pi-guy, Jan 11, 2020, 04:06 PM

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I know, I know this is a silly thread.  

But that's supposed to be fun.  

Fun thing, sometimes if you are looking at something through a grid pattern, you can get a kind of real life aliasing effect.  

Also sometimes if you have the right lighting, it seems like it causes a different kind of motion blur.  


Fine meshes are great for making funky visual oddities. No joke but I've loved them since I was a child. They're partially how my glasses free 3D tv worked.

My favorite "graphical defect" was one overcast day not too long ago. The clouds perfectly masked the sun so it was impossible to tell where it was but a lot of light was still coming through. Everything lacked hard shadows and was exclusively illuminated through ambient lighting.

Like this, but with shadow blobs under cars and no shadows from building overhangs. I really should have taken pictures since I can't find anything online  :'(


Another one that is less interesting but maybe more interesting, depending on what you're interested in  ::)

On the right corner of my work desk I have a blue "I voted!" sticker from years past. When I'm really really tired, like right now, I'll regularly see it move in the corner of my eye. There is nothing that could possibly be producing this. The sticker is not reflective and everything in that direction is static. The only thing changing is my computer monitor.

Mentally it kinda feels as if the sticker was reflecting my monitor, with it just being like a flash of color shifting or motion. It has happened for years I believe. While writing this, it has happened like four times. It might be related to my eyes jumping from one spot on the screen to another, causing a blurring of a sort that ends up being interpreted as a change, but I think it can also happen while I'm just looking forward.

At this point I've grown kinda used to it but I still reflexively look to the side to see what moved.