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Started by the-pi-guy, Jun 08, 2017, 12:22 PM

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after visiting border detention facility: People are without water/told to drink out of toilets while guards laugh at them | ResetEra
EDIT: For those asking about AOC taking pictures/video:

 @AOC CBP made us check our phones. But one woman slipped me this packet to take with me. It says "shampoo," but she told me that this is all they give women to wash their entire body. Nothing else. Some women's hair was falling out. Others had gone 15 days without taking a shower.  

Trump on homelessness: "It's a phenomena that started two years ago" | ResetEra

This is what fascism looks like. There should be outrage in the streets but most of the country is actually happy about this or just doesn't care. What a horrible country you've turned into, America :(
We have to take back the country


Trump takes picture with baby who survived shooting, and parents died in the shooting.


Freedom Toons and PragerU really irritate me.  

Their videos get millions of views and yet even the better ones are basically half true garbage to push their beliefs.  

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