"New Super Lucky's Tale" announced

Started by Legend, Jun 11, 2019, 06:13 PM

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New Super Lucky's Tale Announced | "a Complete Reimagining of the Original Super Lucky's Tale" | ResetEra

It was briefly shown in the Nintendo Direct, but judging by the page's description. It's a new game.

 Edit: It is a reimagining of the first game that is releasing first on Switch.


  • New Super Lucky's Tale features all new levels, story, cinematics and character dialogue, tighter movement and player controls, a fully rotatable 3D camera, and sweet upgrades to nearly every other aspect of the game, including art and lighting, UI, sound, music, and more!
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I continue to be surprised by this franchise. I doubt anyone could have predicted the path they'd take. First a VR game, then a non vr sequel, and then a remake of that sequel.


What.  That makes no sense.