XBOX one s all digital edition announced - see price inside!

Started by Dr. Pezus, Apr 16, 2019, 11:40 PM

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Dr. Pezus

$249.99 with 3 games and 3 month game pass subscription for 1$

In addition, owners will have the option paying $1 for a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft also announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate today, a subscription that combines both Game Pass and Xbox Gold into a single bundle for $15 a month. It's clear the All-Digital Edition and new Game Pass Ultimate tier are meant to dovetail together, but since neither is dramatically cheaper than the existing alternatives, the entire package feels slightly lackluster.
New Disc-Less Xbox One Coming In May, Will Cost $250



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What a fail with that price lol


wow, i had always assumed that removing the disc drive would do just about nothing to move the price but just wow,.. this is a really shame deal for consumers.

1. lose the freedom to buy disc games on the cheap
2. lose the freedom to watch movies from your existing dvds or library rentals
3. don't actual save any money (actual their are several xls bundles on amazon right now that are cheaper.  not by much but up to $20 cheaper depending on the bundle)
4. and dear god what terrible games to bundle.  forza 3??  that game is already 3 years only and it is easily the headliner of the bundle.  anthem might be shame but at least that bundle has a recent game.
5. and after all those negatives,.. it's still a 1TB drive.  i always figured discless wouldn't move the price but I thought at the very least it would come with an expanded harddrive.

why would anyone get the discless version over the disc version?  there is lots of downsides and no upside.


Dr. Pezus

What a fail with that price lol
Their pitch was actually that this edition would drop in price when the normal S drops in price lol. A good way to start with a new device is to advertise future price drops, ain't it?