How much can a media bend a subject before being intolerable?

Started by the-pi-guy, Feb 03, 2019, 12:48 AM

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Most media is made by people who don't really know about something.  Sometimes movies have physicists or doctors or other professions to help steer the writer in the right direction for how something works.  

Some times it's so dumb, it's intolerable.  

Some times it's dumb, but you don't really care.  

What are some examples that irked you?  

What are some that didn't?  

When do you think you start to care?  


I normally don't care about video games or tech being presented poorly. Lots of times it is done as a joke and in general it's just so minor. One exception that comes to mind though was a middle east war movie. I can't remember which one it was specifically, but they had a soldier playing an Xbox One in a scene that was set in the 2000's. A period film should not be making such an obvious mistake.

Space stuff though, oh boy can it be hard for me to turn my brain off for. I loved the movie Gravity but oh wow did they play fast and loose with everything. I read a theory online that Sandra Bullock imagined George Clooney for every scene since the beginning and that'd fix a lot of the physics but there are still so many issues.

Image result for geostorm space shuttle

Geostorm was another one that was also distractingly bad with space. This is a movie that came out in 2017 and yet it still thought space shuttles were the future. They photoshopped launch pad 39A for this scene yet this is what it looks like now:

It'd be fine for them to use their own crazy design since it isn't supposed to be launch pad 39A in the movie, but instead they were just beyond lazy.

Another general trope in bad sci fi movies is that the ISS is still around in the far future. Why do so many movies feel the need to use the ISS as a setting? Again just make up your own designs.

Shout out to the Martian for getting it right. The movie isn't without mistakes but it was very refreshing.

I think the problem with misrepresenting space/science is that it has a real world effect. Video games are loved by kids regardless of what movies and shows do but space/science really need all the help they can get. My last big issue with a lot of space commentary on TV shows is that they present it as escapism. No one in the real world plans to escape to space yet it's super common for TV to represent space as the opposition of fixing problems on Earth. A trailer for An Inconvenient Truth 2 did this for example.


I feel like I'm the opposite.

Bad tech stuff bothers me more than bad physics.


Doesn't bother me at all. It's not something I care about.

Only time a film has bothered me with something like this is Interstellar. And that's because they took up 3 hours of my time and it was all fairly scientifically accurate... Then the whole plot is just "the power of looooooovveeeee". God I hated that. What a shame film.