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Started by Dr. Pezus, Jan 17, 2019, 05:23 PM

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Dr. Pezus


Has anyone heard if there's some kind of home base or something in the game?


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Everything you need to know about Days Gone | ResetEra

Hey guys I know I missed stuff so please help me add more

General info:
  • It comes out April 26 2019
  • The game takes place only 2 years after the global pandemic
  • It is single player only
  • The game follow 3 stories, Deacon, Deacon's relationship with Boozer and NERO Response Organization that is researching the infection
  • The game takes closer to 30 hours on the golden path
  • No difficulty options as of yet
  • Playable flashback missions
  • The game has multiple endings depending on player choice
  • The game does have fall damage
  • You can turn off the XP pop up on the HUD
  • You can still play the game after you beat it
  • No load times going in and out of buildings or going between regions
  • You cannot change clothes yourself but you clothes do change doing the course of the game
  • New things will pop up post game for you to do

The world:
  • There are 6 different regions in the game,from dense alpine forest, lush meadows to desert lava fields, ancient lava caves,badlands, and snow fields
  • 99% of the buildings are enterable
  • You can explore ski lodges, mountain resorts, and golf courses
  • Yes the game has fast travel you have to unlock it first by clearing out Freaker nests
  • Alot of collectibles and loot in the world
  • The game has small towns to explore
  • Players can collect historical markers spread throughout the map this is bits of lore from Oregon's pioneer past. This is all real stuff
  • The game has real world landmarks for getting around like Mount Bachelor, Mount Washington, and Three Fingered Jack
  • Not all animals that are not infected still have regular deers,bears and cougars, the bears and cougars still want to kill you though
  • More then a dozen choices you make in the game will affect the relationship you have with Boozer
  • There are optional jobs and missions that affects the who the story will evolve
  • The Inventory is limited but you can expand it.

  • He has three main skill trees: ranged combat, melee combat, and survival.
  • The game has many types of weapons such as handguns,rifles,shotguns, crossbows, melee weapons and alot of different type of explosives
  • Weapons have different conditions and rarity, weapons found in the open will be worse then weapons you buy from camps.
  • Weapons you buy from camps will be added yo you lockers you can always get them from there.
  • Explosive includes gas cans,molotovs napalm molotovs ,grenades, proximity mines, and even a mine that will first attract enemies then explode.
  • Weapons can be upgraded with stuff like extended magazines
  • You can get a makeshift silencer from vehicles
  • Bullets can penetrate though multiple enemies
  • Melee attacks are on the R2 button
  • You can switch to you sidearm with the triangle button
  • You can switch shoulders while aiming
  • Holding L1 to bring up the weapon wheel where you can craft, weapons, ammo, or healing items,You can also attach silencers and such here.
  • You can upgrade his Health, stamina and Focus suing Nero Tech
  • He has survival vision that you activate by pressing the R3 button that you can use to discover tracks, clues, and resources such as vehicles to search
  • You can craft different Health items,traps,explosives you can also craft different bolts for the CrossBow
  • You can even make bolt that makes the freakers frenzy and attack each other
  • You can get skills like Focus which slows down time
  • You can hide in trash bins
  • You can find blueprints for new weapons
  • Police cars are like the treasure chest of the world where you can find ammo and health kits
  • Freaker Ears acts as currency in the world , you turn it in at camps for credits that you spends on weapons and other things
  • Deacon can use his binoculars to mark enemies
  • You health does not regenerate you have to use health items
  • The circle button toggles crouch
  • You can craft herbal buffs
  • Firearms degrade as you used them making the guns less effective with higher recoil and the accuracy will drop so you have to fix them*NEW*
  • Some of skills for range combat includes headshots recovering health, and leg shots downing enemies.*NEW*
  • The touchpad can be used for menus *NEW*
  • If you are stealth and you approach an enemy you can perform a steal kill on them by pressing the triangle button*NEW*
  • Snipers call out you position if they spot you*NEW*
Gameplay Loops:
  • Nero Checkpoints: has all kinds of loot for you but first you have to get inside each one acts as a little puzzle.NERO checkpoints act as respawn location and fast travel destinations .You can also access your weapon stash here as well as find Intel about the world
  • Ambush Camps: are full of human enemies, clearing them out lower the frequency of ambushes in the world.It also up as a fast-travel location and offers more supplies to scavenge you can also find pieces of map here in bunkers.
  • Freaker Nests: are of course full of freakers, burning these nests will unlock fast travel for the area and also.An also decreases the local freaker population
  • Jobs:Encampments offer several types of jobs for you that benefit them such as hunting a deer, doing a variety of bounties and survivor rescues.By building you reputation with these 5 Camps you unlock weapons ,suppilers and discounts from them.
  • Hordes:Hordes are all over the place they can appear anywhere they migrate,some missions will task you will destroying hordes.Some of the best loot is around hordes
  • Dynamic Events: Roughly 1,200 dynamic events that can occur throughout the regions

These are not all the gameplay loops btw.

Deacons Bike
  • The bike breaks down and runs out of gas so you need it fix and refuel it.
  • You can upgrade the bike in 20 different categories such as the exhaust system,engine,frame,fuel tank,tires,suspension,storage space,nitrous ,forks ,handlebars,headlights and other stuff. *NEW*
  • You can paint the bike any color you want such as gun metal grey and hot raw red *NEW*
  • You can store ammo on your bike
  • You bike makes alot of noise it will attract enemies
  • If you left you bike in the wild you either have to go get it or have someone from one of the camps bring it to you.
  • Tapping circle makes you do sharp turns
  • His bike acts a respawn point*NEW*
  • You can get gas from a gas station but be warn your enemies of course have the same idea.
The Freakers:
  • Swarmers:Are the most common, they travel in groups of 2 to 3 usually but can grow much larger
  • Newts:Are opportunists and will only attack if you are low on health or if you invade their space
  • Screamers:They will alert enemies which will come at you in swarms
  • Hordes:massive groups of swarmers move and respond like a single organism, they can be any where from 300 to even a 1000
  • Breaker:If you are particularly unlucky, you will encounter a breaker, the tank among the Freakers, so to speak, This species has tremendous physical strength ,so if you encounter one you are in trouble
  • Runners:Are massive, rabid wolves who have been mutated, their sprinting speed can match Deacons bike,They are much harder to kill then normal swarmers.They can travel in solo or packs
  • Rager: Not much is know about this infected bears, just that it wants to kill you often
  • Criers: Not much is knwo about the infected crows
  • Freakers are stronger in the cold and hide when the sun is out,they will come out if its stars raining though
  • They eat, sleep, and drink
  • Another type of was mention call a Breaker he is a very huge freaker you should just avoid
  • There are roaming hordes that can be anywhere
  • 300 freaker horde is consider small
  • They will eat anything including their own
  • You can used Freakers against other enemies like leading to a camp of marauders, this is call The Freak-O-System
  • Freakers get stronger and smarter during the course of the game
Human Enemies:
  • These include drifters, marauders, militia and rival bikers
  • Rippers are an enemy gang that worships freakers, they will not attack the freakers even if they are being attack by them
  • They will set up variety of ambushes, like a clothesline as you driving across the road or pushing cars down hills at him .They even hide in trees to try to snip you.
  • They will not call for back or anything like that but the noise can attract Freakers

Weather & Day/Night Cycle
  • Snow and will impact your ability to ride the Drifter Bike, cold makes Freakers stronger and also changes enemies
  • Rain can dampen sound, but brings more Freakers out during the day, rain also makes trails muddy and harder to navigate so you may need to switch the tires
  • Sunny Skies will keep the Freakers in their nest
  • Night brings out even more Freakers and changes the behaviors of Marauders, and more

 Its alot of info to follow so I thought this topic would be nice to discuss stuff until launch!  

I don't think I will be getting it, unless it reviews really well.  Then I'll check it out, once it's cheaper.

I don't know.  To me it just feels like The Last of Us without any of what made that game special.  

If it ended up having a really good story, or if the game had something else that would really interest me, then I would definitely be getting it.

Like I feel like it would be cool to play it more like a survival game.  Have like a home base that you have to keep coming back to, while surviving the freakers.  I feel like they could do a lot of cool stuff with that.  Or at least stuff i would like.  Maybe no one else here.   8)

Spoiler for Hidden:
<br>Most open-world games bombard you with an endless array of quest givers and side activities, a scattershot approach to world building that muddies the main storyline and characters. While Days Gone still offers plenty of gameplay loops to keep Deacon busy, the vast majority of scripted missions and characters are focused on the golden path. Sony Bend is setting a high bar for itself from a storytelling perspective. &quot;Imagine if this were like Uncharted,&quot; says Days Gone writer and creative director John Garvin. &quot;A 20-hour game that is very linear and it has a bunch of setpieces and it goes from beginning to end. We wanted to try to have that, but have that in an open world.&quot;<br><br>Days Gone&#39;s main storyline (which the studio says is probably closer to 30+ hours) will revolve around three subplots. The first focuses on Deacon, offering a drip-feed of revelations about who he is and what he&#39;s been through, including playable flashback sequences. The second focuses on Deacon&#39;s relationship with his tattooed biker brother, Boozer. These missions include player-driven choices that affect how Boozer feels about you, and even lead to different endings. The final storyline involves NERO, the National Emergency Response Organization that is researching the infection and its bloodthirsty carriers. Garvin hopes that having multiple avenues to explore will keep players engaged for the long haul. &quot;It&#39;s almost like having these three storylines that intertwine and the player is constantly bouncing between them,&quot; Garvin says. &quot;It&#39;s a classic novelistic technique...when the player starts getting bored with Boozer, boom, that&#39;s when this other thing&#39;s happening. And when they get bored with that, this other thing happens.&quot;<br>

This could be interesting.


Yeah I like the sound of what they're doing with the story structure. If they've got it right then it could be a game I love. I'll wait for reviews and impressions.


I'm very excited for days gone actually. I'll most likely wait till it drops in price, but it's a game I really want regardless of reviews. I really like what they showed and what they said about the game. "Dynamic" seems to be the key word for their development process. And I really like their approach.

1200 dynamic events sound crazy. I love dynamic events and them saying RDR is the game that influenced them the most is also amazing


Sounds so good. Got the collectors edition preordered cause i'm a sucker for a good statue and steelbook and other goodies.  Not sure i'll keep it though or just go with digital or standard physical

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