Nintendo E3 direct: hype hype hype

Started by Legend, Jun 12, 2018, 03:04 PM

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Dr. Pezus

Yoshi delayed to 2019. DelaySwitch




The thread title is indeed funny :D


the third party thing is understandable.  switch is for all intents and purposes a handheld console.  the ability to get any ports is pretty impressive but much like vita making a port will be harder and harder to justify as game technology marches on and makes better use of higher spec hardware.

i have not clue what's wrong with nintendo.  with only 1 hardware games from them should be pouring in.    has nintendo ever committed to only having 1 hardware?  i know the fans talk about it all time but i don't remember nintendo ever stating it.  maybe they have more hardware coming in a year or so??
Ok I was harsh on the 3rd party side that's understandable support is bad.

I just thought imagine all we got from the ps4 was 90% ports of existing games. Id be support pissed and would swith console.

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