Days Gone 20 minutes Horde Gameplay

Started by Legend, May 16, 2018, 08:48 PM

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Days Gone 20 minutes Horde Gameplay | ResetEra

  • Clearing out finite number (indicator on top left)
  • Napalm Molotov crafting requires (Growler, Rag, Kerosene, Polystyrene)
  • Orange on radar = horde zone
  • He's using heavy machine gun
  • No hiding spot, always be running
  • Custom baseball bat with axe head and barb wire
  • 5 different types under the "explosive" category, unsure if there's more
  • XP pop can be turned off
  • Horde seems to only feature one type of freaker
  • You can leave the area to prepare supply, progress will be saved
  • Clearing horde gives you "legendary loot", e.g. this horde gives parts for your bike to carry more ammo
  • Huge hordes are kind of "end game"
  • Each item (explosive?) holding limit is 5
  • Grenades are extremely over powered now (3 nades clearing half hordes), they will be nerfing it
  • Freaker left ear, a type of currency is for bounty clearing in town
This is an alpha gameplay, they are aware of the character stucking, janky issues etc.  


Looks really good. Seems to be fun dealing with the horde.