Uncharted 4's Co-op is extremely frustrating

Started by BananaKing, May 16, 2018, 12:33 AM

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It's not the design of the game is frustrating, it's not the gameplay or missions. That's actually really fun. It's the dang players. No, they aren't toxic or bumb, I wish. The dang players are a bunch of idiots that literally don't know how to play the game

There are different types of rounds in the co-op survival mode. With each round comes a different objective. For example one round is siege, where you must go to a specific area in the map and only kills from inside it count. You'd have idiots running around the map and killing enemies outside it. The score doesn't count, it gives them no money, no xp, nothing. Yet they still do it. This is a regular occurrence.

Another is collect "treaatre" that pops around the map. So you need to move around the map quickly and collect all 100 items before the time is up. I have played so so many games where the people with me don't bother. We literally fail the round again and again because they don't do the objective. And their kills and xp don't count then when we fail the round.

There is a leveling system in the co-op mode which is pretty cool, but some people just don't get it that they need to play on the lower difficulty at times. Because some players literally can't do shame. They either can't shoot or their characters are just to weak and they need to upgrade them, and most of these idiots don't even bother with the objective as well.

It's really frustrating because it's extremely difficult to actually finish a game. The mode is difficult by design, which is cool and makes it fun, but I'm literally playing with the worst community I've ever played with. And it's making the co-op unplayable.


Lol.  Not what I expected.  


Few gamers care about the objective. I'd get mvp in gow:a all the time just because I did things besides killing people.


I played it mostly with my friends and it was great fun. I tried it with randoms and had the same experience as you. The average gamer out there is pretty dumb honestly, or just only cares about running around blowing stuff up.