Procedural RPG OT: every action has consequences

Started by Legend, Yesterday at 09:02 PM

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This is a new game concept I'm evaluating. Don't know when or if it'll be developed.

The medieval rpg is set in a fully simulated world. Every npc actively lives their life throughout all minutes of the day. Their jobs are real and their personality is based off their history. Every single item in the world can be tracked back to raw materials harvested from the earth. Kingdoms die and new ones take their place.

With this fully procedural world as a premise, actions have consequences.

Say a player goes on a killing spree in a small town. NPCs do not respawn and the town is abandoned forever. A young survivor might seek vengeance and train with a sword. In this fully dynamic world, this could start the survivor down a path that ends with them starting a rebellion against the corrupt king that let this happen.

Turn based combat and 2D graphics will keep this realistic to develop. Kinda more in line with a grand strategy game.

I think it should have an mmo style world where everyone can play together, and then people can generate their own private worlds to just play alone or with friends.