Horizon Zero Dawn Has Sold Through 7.6M Copies as of Feb 15th

Started by Xevross, Feb 28, 2018, 01:14 PM

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Now just make the sequel even better!


Did you ever play killzone?

It was actually a really cool setting. Plot issues and poor writing was the big problem. I'd love a Horizon quality game set in the Killzone universe  ::)
I've heard KillZone has great lore, but bad stories.

Dr. Pezus

I was just exaggerating to make the point :P and yeah the setting is cool but that's about it to be honest. The setting in Horizon is so much better, as is pretty much everything else as well. Plus HZD is much more marketable.

I thought a lot of people considered KZ2 to be very high quality though. I only played Shadow Fall.
KZ2 was an 8.5 game fo' sho. Amazing at the time imo

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