What are your biggest interests?

Started by the-pi-guy, Feb 11, 2018, 04:32 PM

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I have a friend who is very interested in airplanes, and because of that he knows a lot about airplanes.  He knows how to fix them, how much they cost, knowledge of a variety of planes, and he's learning how to fly them.  

It's pretty cool to have interests that basically drive you to learn everything about those things.  

So what are your big interests that you know everything about?

Or what are your big interests that you wish you knew everything about?


Theme Parks-I'd design theme parks when I was younger. Made basic blueprints and 3D models of a lot of custom parks and rides. Love Disney theme parks but enjoy other ones too.
Video Games-duh
World building-I've been doing this forever, just for the fun of it.
Skyscrapers-I followed the construction of Burj Khalifa and learned way too much about super tall skyscrapers. Also designed my own.
Magic-I did magic as a kid. Nowadays it's just fun seeing a trick and figuring out the method.
History that's cool-I really really love learning about early human civilization and how we've progressed to the modern era.
Twisty Puzzles-duh
Film making-I did summer film school for a few years. I also made my own short films. I definitely spend more time watching movies than playing games.
3D TV-I really loved Avatar in 3D and 3D movies in general, but before that I was obsessed with glasses free 3D. I made my own method to achieve it and even built a few prototypes. Spent so much time researching other tech. I cringe when people think holograms can be projected into open air.


Probably beer, woman and videogames.

Dr. Pezus

Probably beer, woman and videogames.
The holy trifecta