God of War Game Informer New Details

Started by the-pi-guy, Jan 05, 2018, 11:25 AM

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Except time to triangle is less on PS4 than PS3.  It won't take that much more time to develop a game on PS4 than it does on PS3.  Andromeda was in development hell, but I am wrong.  Why is Fallout 4 more just because?  Mass Effect 2 and 3 were done in 2.5 years.  I don't think God of War will be less than 5 years.  If it was coming out this year then yes.  It's not.
But it is coming out this year.  It's coming out in a few months.  

Just because time to triangle is lower, doesn't mean that much.  Games are bigger, higher resolution, etc.  


RPGs are longer and don't take 5 years to make?
well this game had to deal with the fallout of the new IP team and cancellation, Cory's team was being assembled in late 2013? something like that. it was just a small preproduction team. its their first PS4 game, they are changing the formula of the IP drastically, they do include RPG elements in this game. plus it has very high production values. higher than most RPG's, while still boasting the length of one. i think the next game might come along shorter. 3-4 years of dev time. but this is a normal dev time for a game in this type of circumstance.

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