I'm playing games on my backlog!

Started by Legend, Nov 09, 2017, 01:33 AM

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So far I've finished:

Zelda Breath of the Wild
Rise of The Tomb Raider
Titanfall 2
Stellaris (just one match)

It's fun getting to these games after so long. Stellaris I went in without knowing anything and man am I impressed.

It's an rts about your expansion throughout the galaxy. There are so many details but instead of it feeling like micromanagement, it feels like you have the power to control your own way. IE making a robot military to keep a slave planet from revolting.

It's also cool how it feels like a sci fi open world game instead of just an rts match. The world itself is always evolving and it's almost like there's a narrative. Plus even the simple missions have cool stories. One of my ships was shot randomly and it was discovered that the bullets came from another galaxy and had been adrift after missing their original target.

It's basically what I hoped Civ Beyond Eadth was.

Meanwhile Titanfall 2 was disapointing. I was expecting good thing based off impressions but I think Tomb Raider spoiled me. The story felt like the average call of duty thing.


That's nice!  
I haven't.


That's nice!  
I haven't.
Some games I own yet haven't played but would like to:

Super Mario 3D Land
Titan Souls
Until Dawn
Steven's Sausage Roll
The Turing Test
Fallout 4 (maybe)
Dishonored 2


I was putting my backlog into a spreadsheet, split between consoles... I never finished making it :'(

Dr. Pezus

I was putting my backlog into a spreadsheet, split between consoles... I never finished making it :'(
Backlog has been backlogged


Actually me too, I finished Need For Speed (2015) and now am playing Metal Gear Solid 5. Depending on what's on PS+ or if they have good deals on Mass Effect or other games on black Friday I might be chugging along more into my back long


I've never had a backlog :o


I've never had a backlog :o
Too poor to buy games he may never play.  

My problem used to be that I would get a game and then start playing a different one when a new one came out.

Now my problem is that games are too cheap, so I decide to buy a bunch of games on the basis that I may play them someday.  
Especially true with Humble Bundle.  15$ for 10 games, even though I'll only probably play 2 of them?  Sign me up!  2 games for 10/15$ I'll definitely play (someday) is usually feels worth it.  
I usually consider 10$ to be great bargain bin games.  

Or you could buy like 3 games for a dollar.  That's 3 games for about the same money as what's in some people's couch.  Games stack up pretty quickly.  

First 2 Borderlands games for 10$, that sounds great!  

Soon afterwards, that 1$ becomes 200$.  
Steam sales, that 200$ becomes 500$.

Your Steam account is littered with 200 games that you will probably never play.  Even though you'd really like to play about 30 of them.  

All the while your life is blossoming into something awesome.  School, work, responsibility.  Taking more classes than you can count or even think of.  

What futile spending has done.  


I have games my brother owns. That's most of my backlog.

Also I buy steam games when they have good sales. I then play them sometime later.

Update on stellaris.

I love this game. A new species popped into my galaxy and acted like reapers from Mass Effect. They expanded like a flood and killed everyone. Galaxy wasn't strong enough to stop them.


I finished backlogging my PSN account.  Time to backlog my physical games.