The Youtube Gamer interestometer 2017

Started by Legend, Jun 10, 2017, 02:12 PM

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Dr. Pezus

More information is better unless it's biased in some way for some reason, which it absolutely might be.  

Agreed. I think it's impossible to add every single upload of each video but setting a limit like top 3 or 5 is definitely better than having just one for each. In this case for example we have a GoW video with barely 1.5m views on the official channel but another upload has over 5m. That's a huge difference

Yeah.  I was linking the videos to everything shown in the E3 shows I did the threads for.  
Ubi was really good, and the YouTube video was always up within minutes of them announcing on stage.  

I don't recall Sony even having most videos by the time I went to bed.  Instead I posted whoever was one of the first.  

Yup, they were even still uploading vids when I woke up like 6-7 hours later

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