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Started by Dr. Pezus, May 25, 2014, 04:14 PM

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Parasite $501k monday up 16% from Sunday after its win, crazy unheard of jump even for an BP winner. For example, Green Book fell 34% last year, Shape of Water fell 19%. Film is due to expand to over 2000 theatres this weekend as well.

Jumanji is also having a great leggy run, only down 8% from last week on Monday.


Sonic reviews are fairly good at 65% RT, about what I expected. Might go and watch it...

Box office wise it seems to be breaking out past expectations. $3m thursday previews is okay but true friday is tracking for about $19m which would be crazy. 4 day opening of $60m+ possible. If it pulls off these kind of numbers and performs similar overseas it should make a good profit.


95% verified RT score and A cinemascore for Sonic. Audiences are loving it, great to see.


That resetera thread about it beating pikachu might turn out correct after all!

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