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Started by Dr. Pezus, May 25, 2014, 04:14 PM

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Dr. Pezus

Good song. Press reactions from the premiere are extremely positive, looks like we're going to have the huge hit that we expected from TLK. Question is how huge. $1-1.5b range or could it challenge $2b... gonna be fun to follow.
Next post shows lots of negative reviews lol. Just a reminder that press reactions mean nothing


Not a rt fan (their scores never seem to reflect what I see) but ouch with that tweet.

Felt the same way about Jungle Book though so maybe this will still print money.
Agreed, RT will never influence whether I'm going to watch a film or not but its always interesting to discuss. Jungle Book was 95% on RT by the way, so this is a huge drop from that.

This will print money, no way its making less than $1b but I was thinking it could challenge $2b...  if audience reaction is anywhere close to reviewers then that isn't happening. Out in China tonight so we'll get a first glimpse at audience reactions soon.


Saw this older Adam Sandler video where he told a bunch of jokes. There were hardly any jokes like he'd say today. Few naughtiness jokes, no fart jokes, etc.

It made me believe the "conspiracy" that Adam Sandler is just making worse movies on purpose to see how long people will watch him.  


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Endgame now only $7.2m away from Avatar after estimated $2.8m weekend worldwide. Record is going down for sure now, although may still take a month.

Spidey at $847m WW after 2nd weekend and legs looking good, will be touch and go for $400m domestic ($275m currently) but already has set a new record for a Spidey film overseas. Should be heading for $1.1b easily. Weekend estimate is $145.3m worldwide.


The crawl!  


The crawl!  
Yep, gonna feel crazy when Endgame finally gets there. Also TS4 and Aladdin both seem to be heading for $1b, fantastic year for Disney. Aladdin keeps legging super well and TS4 had an incredible debut in Japan. We're gonna tie the record for number of $1b grossers in a year before TLK, Frozen 2 and Star Wars come out.

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