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Started by Legend, Apr 23, 2015, 01:12 AM

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The witness is free on the epic store.

So after spending the weekend with Sekiro I have to say that I still haven't quite warmed up to it.

I love the aesthetic and world design and it's cool to have a From Software game, with a protagonist that actually has somewhat of a character. But the combat system still hasn't quite clicked with me yet leading to me still regularly hitting frustrating brick walls. This isn't helped by the fact that other than in Dark Souls or Bloodborne, you often have these mini bosses in the middle of a bunch of other enemies, which you have to clear out all the time, if you don't want them interfering with you battle against the boss. And a lot of these bosses seem to have a little too much going in their favour, I feel.

I really disliked Bloodborne in the beginning, but after finally defeating the Cleric Beast the game really clicked with me and I had way less problems with it afterwards, I'm still waiting for that moment here.

So I guess I just need to get gud. Or maybe this just isn't the type of Fromsoft game, that I enjoy.
How is it going? Did the game ever click?


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The witness is free on the epic store.
How is it going? Did the game ever click?
It did actually. Took a little longer than Bloodborne and I still have instances where I panic and fudge things up completely, but overall it definitely clicked, I'm at the final boss now.

I do still like Bloodborne more though I think.

Edit: Or maybe it didn't, that final boss fight...dang -.-


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Got Sekiro for my birthday. Started playing it and... I'm in love. Bloodborne with parrying, cutscenes and dialogue. Oh mama.


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