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Started by Xevross, Aug 14, 2014, 02:56 PM

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Amazon france it has also appeared on best sellers but its only #4 and #17 for september with neither on the 2020 list.


Updating my next gen sales predictions now that we know all prices.

I'll probably update again once we get a better picture of stock and whatnot. For now I'm going with lifetime of 120M PS5 and 75M xbox. Changed slightly due to great price of PS5 and very positive reaction to it plus the news of god of war in 2021 and the insane launch lineup. Growth of the overall console market due to lots more people owning two or more consoles with the Series S.


PS5 #75 for the year on amazon Canada.


Digital PS5 isn't in the top 100 for the year. But looking at the September chart, PS5 is #1 with the digital being #11. DualSense and the headset are selling more than the digital console at #7 and #10 for september respectively.
Next day amazon UK update. PS5 still #9 for 2020 with nothing else showing up. I wondered if there might be some kind of spillover effect but it seems that's all the sales for the consoles. On the September charts, Dualsense has moved from #7 to #5 and the headset moved from #10 to #9.

Miles Morales and Sackboy were finally added to amazon at their full prices. Ultimate edition is doing best at #34 on the hourlies, regular Miles is at #55 and Sackboy is at #174

PS5 #75 for the year on amazon Canada.
No update for France and Canada stuck too, PS5 at #76 for the year. So looks like there's no need to update the bestellers rankings for the consoles unless there's a restock. Canada the consoles are at #1 and #7 for September.

Amazon US still hasn't included PS5 in the best sellers rankings.

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