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Started by Dr. Pezus, May 16, 2014, 06:00 PM

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Oof, yeah.
My problem is society will never heal with name calling.

Each side is so friken stubborn about this simple concept. I lean towards the left side , but the far right it's fueled through name calling. They do it for "liberal years"
Uhuh, same here. I don't like people who are hateful and try to promote backwards thinking. Jaffe has no problem with alt-right people speaking out, but he has problems with Era criticising him. So yeah, I have no time for him.

People on both sides can be backwards though, sure I like people are progressive but sometimes you can go too far. You can cause divisions and unnecessary conflict by calling people out too strongly, or accusing people of something they didn't really do. And of course there's many on the left who are worse than this and do some real bad shame too. But that's just shaming people. shaming people are always shaming, no matter what their political belief.


Yeah true, idk about all the things Era said about Jaffe. There probably was some offensive shame, but that's always going to happen and this is a very weird move by Jaffe. Anyway, I have no sympathy for this guy.
Holy shame.  

The stuff where he says that Milo should have a platform is one thing, but saying that Hillary is worse than Hitler is just horrific.  


A joke is supposed to be funny though. Why didn't he joke about the male players?
Did he not joke about them? Maybe he's too insecure around those super star male players?

People often would make jokes about male players at award events so what's the big deal? She's a woman so it's not allowed?


Youtube rewind 2018, second most disliked video ever. People aren't happy about this!


So...  there's a pretty chance that my other math class that I'm doing well in, that I might get an A-.

Despite the fact that I haven't been in class in like the past two months.  

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