Xbox Series vs PS5 launch

Started by Legend, Oct 30, 2020, 01:44 PM

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Which launch trailer do you prefer? This thread was created because a resetera user asked me to look at the data, and this might be the best indicator of launch interest so far. PS5's trailer is only 2 days old yet is doing more than double the views and likes of the Xbox Series trailer.


Did you miss the word trailer in your title? ;D

First half of the xbox trailer is much better than the second, it goes super weird. I still like it though, good ad.

I like what they're doing with the PS5 ad, but its not so related to games. Feels like a classic car ad.

I'd give it to the xbox ad overall, but both are classic ads that are just for awareness and won't convince anyone to buy their console. PS5's ad is putting up much better metrics just because its playstation, a much bigger brand, nothing more to it.


Both aren't good ads in my opinion. The xbox one just felt weird. The music certainly didn't fit the video. And the transitions between games felt odd.

The ps5 one is better, but still the voice over was horrible. The ad itself wasn't enticing either.


I prefer the PS5 ad, but as a gaming ad the Xbox ad is a bit better.  

I will say though, it's weird how thematically similar they are.  


i can watch the xbox one and i cannot watch the playstation one because apparently it is for mature audiences only.  

i'm going to go with xbox fanboys that reported sony's ad as being for mature audience only won this particular battle...