When will Sony's games release? CONTEST!

Started by Legend, Nov 02, 2017, 02:20 AM

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Hey, I'm terrible at this!! ;D

I need to stop being so optimistic with Sony and their release dates.

Dr. Pezus

God of War Apríl 20 2018
Detroit - may 25 2018
Dreams - Jan 22 2019
Days Gone- March 12 2019
Spiderman-august 12 2018
TLOU 2-july 20 2019
Ghost of Tsushima-may 28 2019
Death Stranding-february 10 2019
Close enough. The last 3 will all be wrong though lol


My predictions

God of War-4/20/2018

Days Gone-3/20/2019
TLOU 2-6/10/2019
Ghost of Tsushima-8/1/2019
Death Stranding-9/21/2019

+1 for being bad at this haha. Days Gone is the only one that I was close with.

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