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Started by Dr. Pezus, May 25, 2014, 04:14 PM

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I think you should just stay drunk from now on. That way I won't feel compelled to hurt you for saying such rubbish.

The critics agree with me.

Thats what made it so great, they kept that look, he also had this arrogant cocky look to him that i just loved.  and the way he dealt the final blow was awesome.   I would have liked to see more monster vs monster action, but i got that is was teasing and building up.  It sets up well for later movies.

The thing that bugs me,  in all godzilla movies.  The shoot him with rockets, tank shells, .50 cal miniguns and they dont do shame. and everyone in the army should be aware of this.  Why is it that when there is like 4-5 soldiers alone and are faced with it, do they start shooting like its going to do something.  Like for fudge sake run lol

Agree to disagree then hahaha.

Do agree about the shooting thing though. However I was really impressed with the military in this movie. I am so tired of the "head military guy is cocky and arrogant" trope. He wasn't made out as a bad guy, yay!