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Started by Legend, Aug 26, 2014, 12:55 AM

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So school is really rough.  The biggest thing is I'm starting to not care.  So even when I have a good amount of time to work on anything, I don't feel like I want to.  

Have some final projects that i have to finish.  

Electricity & Magnetism:
I am interested in this subject, but I'm not doing very well.  It doesn't help that the professor isn't posting what we are doing in class.
If I was able to care more and wasn't so busy, I could learn more out of the book.  

Physics Lab:
I hate lab.  And my wife and I spent like 6 hours together working on trying to put the data together.  I noticed that some of the data was missed, and my lab partner and I didn't do a couple of runs.  

Programming Languages:
I'm doing well.  It's a class I've been skipping because I need time to work on other things.  Really interesting stuff.

It's an alright class.  I'm not a fan of the professor's teaching style, but I'm looking forward to getting more in depth with it in the future.  

Computing Ethics:
This class is interesting, pretty easy.  Not really liking the teacher though.  

Senior Physics Project:
Finally figuring this out.  So that's a plus.  
Was a pain though.
Yay for not caring!

So two more exams down, got iced by my Uni as both were a lot harder than the past papers but I think I still did okay.

So my master's project for next year has been confirmed! I'm going to be studying the effect of the changing global climate on wildfires and the feedback loop of wildfires in turn affecting the climate which then effects wildfires more etc. so that's cool!

Also decided I'm studying Unification, Quantum Theory of Matter, Quantum Field Theory, Atmospheric Physics and Nanotechnology next year.

Still got my exams on light and matter, statistical mechanics, physics of the universe and fluid dynamics, group theory and suns stars and planets to go this year.