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Started by Legend, Aug 26, 2014, 12:55 AM

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So school is really rough.  The biggest thing is I'm starting to not care.  So even when I have a good amount of time to work on anything, I don't feel like I want to.  

Have some final projects that i have to finish.  

Electricity & Magnetism:
I am interested in this subject, but I'm not doing very well.  It doesn't help that the professor isn't posting what we are doing in class.
If I was able to care more and wasn't so busy, I could learn more out of the book.  

Physics Lab:
I hate lab.  And my wife and I spent like 6 hours together working on trying to put the data together.  I noticed that some of the data was missed, and my lab partner and I didn't do a couple of runs.  

Programming Languages:
I'm doing well.  It's a class I've been skipping because I need time to work on other things.  Really interesting stuff.

It's an alright class.  I'm not a fan of the professor's teaching style, but I'm looking forward to getting more in depth with it in the future.  

Computing Ethics:
This class is interesting, pretty easy.  Not really liking the teacher though.  

Senior Physics Project:
Finally figuring this out.  So that's a plus.  
Was a pain though.