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Started by Legend, Aug 26, 2014, 12:55 AM

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To be young again.  

And also a robot.  

I really need to study up on my physics classes.  
Math is going pretty good.  
Computer Science is going really good.
Philosophy is garbage.  Which is awesome.

I've just kind of been ignoring my physics classes lately.  So I need to catch up a bit.  The thing that's kind of bothersome, these classes just feel like the teachers are just picking random things to talk about.  Which is sometimes awesome when there's interesting stuff.  But usually it's not all that fun.  

My other classes are really awesome.  I feel like the class is designed to be about making progress towards something.  
Compilers is obviously about building a compiler.  And it's cool, we get to build each step, and we knew day 1 what we'd be doing the whole semester.  
Computer Networks is cool, we learn how networks work.  And we do it from the top down.  Which is cool.  You learn some practical stuff, then you learn how each layer works with it.  
Philosophy is literally just taking chapters out of a textbook, so it's pretty standard.
And my math class doesn't have a textbook, but it's still just amazingly set up.   It feels like we are building up to something, even though there isn't a textbook to show us where we are going.  Almost everything we do in that class depends on stuff we did earlier.  So like everyday is like "we showed that this is true yesterday, and we're building on this result in this way."  

So I've been talking to the math teacher about doing a study.  
Physics has always felt like that for me. Only some of it is interesting, but I didn't get to choose any of the modules I've done this year.

Can't wait for next year, finally get to do some astro stuff! Advanced Classical Physics and Plasma physics sound dope too.