It's stupid how many $60 games are having microtransactions

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Started by Legend, Oct 05, 2017, 11:05 PM

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eh, sometimes it works out if its done for cosmetics. For Honor has a currency system for its upgrades and cosmetics, but the upgrades are relatively cheap, and the cosmetics are expensive. so while you dont unlock everything in the game, you can still unlock what you want, upgrade your characters to max level without needing to grind really. you just play the game if you enjoy it and unlocks will come. for me, For Honors microtransactions work, because of them we've been getting new content like maps, cosmetics, new gear, new characters and emotes, they will even add dedicated servers and are adding new modes. it wasnt as good at launch, but they fixed it.
Instead of saying "boycott loot boxes," I think "boycott rng microtransactions" is a better way to express my position.

Pay to win sucks and no one wants that but it's separate from the problem I have with rng microtransactions. The rng system is used to hide the true price of things and break it up into smaller more impulsive purchases. No one would spend $50 for a single microtransaction but in modern loot box games that's a common average price for getting something you want. Darth Vader in Battlefront 2 seems to take an average of $200 of loot boxes to unlock for example.

What you like about For Honor is Games as a ServiceTM. It's becoming an extremely popular thing because it makes an extreme amount of money. Almost every publisher is chasing it right now. It's possible to have that without having rng microtransactions.