When will Sony's games release? CONTEST!

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Started by Legend, Nov 02, 2017, 02:20 AM

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At this point I'm really wondering when they can release Dreams so it doesn't get eaten alive, to a lesser extend the same goes for Days Gone. Neither of them seem like holiday titles, but I don't see any indication of either of them getting done earlier either, then again, I didn't see that indication for Detroit either.

Currently I'd say:

Shadow of the Colossus: February 2018 (duh)
God of War: March 2018
Detroit: May 2018
Spider-Man: June/July 2018
Days Gone: November 2018 (I think they'll try to make this a big holiday title, it does have the potential for mass appeal at least)
Dreams: February 2019
TLOU2: March 2019
Ghost of Tsushima: May/June 2019
Death Stranding: October/November 2019

I also think there'll be one more semi significant Japan Studios game coming out during that time. Plus Sony might decide to give Demon's Souls the same treatment that Shadow of the Colossus is currently getting, but now that's really just speculation on my part.
Days gone needs to release soon because tlou2 is so similar. If tlou2 is only 5 months after days gone, the marketing could be tight. GOW started getting its marketing push ~9 months before release ie.

Days Gone has had a lot of raw gameplay shown if you think about it. We expect Spiderman to release first because of some rumors, but just looking at stage shows Days Gone is like a year ahead of Spiderman. I really expect it to release first because delays are not an option.