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Started by The Machine, Oct 08, 2021, 06:00 PM

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The Machine


It's Friday! Here are the top ten topics from the past week that you most likely didn't see.

Epic Store achievement system goes live next week
Views: 12

JETT the far shore is not getting the best reviews
Views: 22

Twitch source code leaked
Views: 24

Monthly Update Sep 21
Views: 25

Play At Home Recap: 60 million games
Views: 28

Far Cry 6 is the worst reviewed mainline Far Cry
Views: 29

Konami developing Castlevania, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid revivals
Views: 39

I laugh at the stupidest memes some times
Views: 41

Raffle Results Sep 21
Views: 56

Shawn Layden on Sony games on PC
Views: 58

The top poster of the past week was Legend with 49 posts. This has earned them a ticket in the monthly raffle. the-Pi-guy was second with 28 posts and nnodley was third with 15 posts.

The top thread starter of the past week was also Legend with 6 topics. This has earned them an additional ticket in the monthly raffle.

the-Pi-guy received the most likes this week (24), and Legend liked the most things this week (38). They both get a ticket in the monthly raffle.

Xbro stole $1884 this past week. For their thievery, they have also earned a raffle ticket.

Legend added the most games to the database this week, a total of 1. We thank them for their work and award them 1 raffle ticket.

I'll be back next week with with another thread.
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