Xbox Series and PS5 Games Comparisons

Started by Xevross, Nov 11, 2020, 11:45 AM

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First game with a significant advantage for Series X?


First game with a significant advantage for Series X?
Pretty much.
The gap is bigger than the specs because the PS5 version is rendering lower.


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Seems like its the first time a game has performed about where you'd expect given the paper specs. Perhaps PS5 could be pushed a bit higher and still be locked at 60fps, but its close.

Native 4K is a bit of a waste, as has been said a lot. I can't tell the difference in resolution in any of the native PS5 games I've played that range all the way from 1440p to 4K.

The gaps between PS5 and XSX have been pretty much non-existent in every game. It only is noticeable when it involves bad frame drops, screen tearing and stuff like that.




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Resident Evil Village | CAPCOM

Resident Evil Village

4K @ 45 w/ RT.  

Why would anyone target 45 fps?  


I think gow 3 was unlocked and ran around 45 fps most of the time.

Not sure if capcom are meaning that.



Not sure why you'd bother with RT on series S

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