Wow. The Beginner's Guide is great!

Started by Legend, Jan 18, 2022, 06:27 AM

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Very short game but very amazing.

As a developer I had a completely different experience than the average player it seems. Honestly it was kinda shocking to see online how almost everyone felt near the end.

Spoiler for Hidden:
<br>First off I never considered the game would be non fiction. Was surprising to see people start the game thinking that, let alone end the game still thinking that. Obviously the real developer wouldn&#39;t take micro games from another person and sell them as a $10 narrated bundle lol.<br><br>Early on I related with Coda. They present the difficult side of game development, something that I often have to express to people.<br><br>Later on though, Coda went far beyond anything I&#39;ve felt. Yeah game development is hard work but I never feel like a tortured artist. I was worried the narrative would be extremely dark about depression and loss.<br><br>So the real ending was a happy F U to that. Knowing that the fictional Coda was actually fine was a relief and making the &quot;need for a tortured artist&quot; the villain was great.<br>

Also it's very funny to see how critics try to handle this game, since it directly calls out common critic actions.