I don't understand people

Started by the-pi-guy, May 24, 2022, 07:27 PM

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I want to vent a little bit.  

 I saw an exchange that went something like:

A: "she became unexpectedly pregnant"

B: "How does a woman become unexpectedly pregnant? Education is critical"

A: "A nurse told her she couldn't become pregnant after a health issue"

B: "I reiterate - education is critical, seems you disagree just to disagree".

Me: where was the disagreement? They were just explaining the situation.

It's also frustrating to see this kind of conversation:

A: 2+2=4

B: why do you think 2+2=5?

There are a million other things I could complain about, and I probably will, but these were the things at the top of my head.  

What issue do people have? Do they have a reading problem? Do they just not read and assume something else was said?


Most people online are young kids.

I know that's not always true, but it's the only way it makes sense haha.


is this relevant?   no

is it what i thought of after reading this thread?   also no.   but it's less stupidly offensive than the first thought that crossed my mind....