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Started by the-pi-guy, Dec 17, 2021, 09:27 PM

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Dark Souls 2 is weird. (Very minor design spoilers)

Spoiler for Hidden:
Gameplay wise: on the bright side it feels less clunky, on the worse side it feels looser. It&#39;s also much faster than the first game. <br><br>World and level design, it feels like a very different design philosophy. <br><br>I know some of the souls games have towns, but the first town doesn&#39;t feel like any Souls town I&#39;ve seen yet. It&#39;s also insanely bright and not brooding like the vast majority of the other Souls games I&#39;ve played. <br><br>I think I understand what people have complained about with regards to the level design. Or maybe I&#39;m just trying to see things that aren&#39;t there yet. Some of the encounters feel kind of cheap.