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Started by the-pi-guy, Apr 06, 2023, 12:25 AM

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Got the platinum for FF1. Think I put something like 10 hours over the past 5 days into it.  

Had a good time.

First game in a while that looked better sitting on my couch, as opposed to being 6 feet away like usual....


Think I would have adored it, 36 years ago.  

Still had a good time today with all the boosts.   8)


Final Fantasy II is quite interesting.

Story is more involved. Leveling system is a bit of a step back, needless complications. The art is so 1:1 to the first one.

Different world, but introduces more tropes that became a mainstay in FF.

Spoiler for FF1:
<br>The story of FF1 is basically about 4 warriors saving the crystals that correspond with an element. <br><br>


Started Final Fantasy 3 a few days ago.

Mixed feelings I think.

It does away with the annoying parts of Final Fantasy II. But literally the very opening of the game has an annoying difficulty curve.  

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