Firmament OT: releases May 18th, next game from Myst and Obduction devs

Started by Legend, Mar 10, 2023, 04:22 AM

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Holy fudge. This game was AI generated.

There is no voice actress in the credits. Instead it has this section:

A.I. Assisted Content

Journals, logs, checklists, newspapers, stories, songs, poems, letters, loosely scattered papers; all backer portraits; all founders portraits; the "sunset" paintings; the art-nouveau wallpaper in the Swan dormitory hallways; propaganda banners; coastal spill decal kit; all voiced mentor, announcer, founder, and other speeches; backer-exclusive content
I'm really impressed. The mentor's voice sounded tired and removed at times but that felt like her being a kinda annoying person. I would have never guessed it was AI.

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