Can we just state the obvious? Conservatives are horrible human beings committed to inflicting suffering and misery on humanity?

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Started by kitler53, Apr 22, 2022, 06:35 PM

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Do all conservatives really believe climate change isn't a thing, do all conservatives believe that trans issues aren't a thing and do all conservatives believe that racism isn't a thing or do they just disagree with the way it's being dealt with? If they aren't acknowledging these issues at all then that's wrong.
There are certainly a lot of conservatives out there that agree with those things being issues. I haven't seen them propose any real solutions.

I'm frustrated and I'm scared.
Some of the smartest people that I know, that I love and respect, don't seem to care about these issues.
I'm worried about how climate change will affect my kids and their generation.
I'm worried about how people will treat my kids, if they end up being gay or trans.

At this point I feel like I'm on a sinking ship, screaming that people are drowning. And a lot of people don't seem to care, and a lot of the rest are cheering it on.

Still, freedom of speech should always remain because letting corporations and governments sensor people is a slippery slope. I feel I'm starting to go off topic about freedom of speech but it all ties in.
I think freedom of speech is important, but I also view it as a double edged sword.

It can bring out the worst in people and weaponize them. Propaganda works.