Weekly Update #324

Started by The Machine, May 13, 2022, 06:00 PM

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The Machine


It's Friday! Here are the top ten topics from the past week that you most likely didn't see.

Deliver Us Mars, follow up to Deliver Us the Moon, revealed
Views: 26

VGC: core of Summer Game Fest will take place June 9th-12th
Views: 36

Tesla driving AI is overly confident
Views: 51

Weekly Update #323
Views: 53

Sander's motion fails, NASA funding increase approved by Senate
Views: 54

Final Fantasy XVI game is nearly complete, waiting for announcement
Views: 55

Sony FY21 report
Views: 61

The challenge to make Gamepass work
Views: 77

Halo Infinite's Season 2 is a letdown
Views: 91

Is Undertale worth playing? I'm not sure
Views: 105

The top poster of the past week was the-Pi-guy with 37 posts. This has earned them a ticket in the monthly raffle. Legend was second with 30 posts and kitler53 was third with 23 posts.

The top thread starter of the past week was also the-Pi-guy with 5 topics. This has earned them an additional ticket in the monthly raffle.

the-Pi-guy received the most likes this week (23), and Legend liked the most things this week (25). They both get a ticket in the monthly raffle.

SWORDF1SH stole $190 this past week. For their thievery, they have also earned a raffle ticket.

There are currently 274257 posts on our forum. Only 743 left till we hit 275000!

I'll be back next week with with another thread.
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