How did my Elden Ring prediction age? It's been 6 months

Started by Legend, May 04, 2022, 08:35 PM

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Somewhere in the middle I'd say.

Arguably not as good as Kitler expected, but better than you expected.

I think the game does some things that aren't standard in open world games, at least that I've played. Which might be a key factor.
Spoiler for the good/bad:
<br>I don&#39;t know if I&#39;d say this is good or bad, but it&#39;s different. The game is not afraid to limit where the player goes. There are lots of cliffs with valleys, and other things to make it a little harder to get somewhere.<br><br>Definitely good. The game does an amazing job of hiding how large it is. Like the game is probably 30x bigger than you think it is at the start. It happened like 5x where I thought the game was decently big only for the map to get larger.<br><br>It does and it doesn&#39;t do as good of a job as expected with integrating dungeons into the rest of the world. There is often only a couple of ways to get in to a dungeon, and they&#39;re often fairly linear. At the same time, they&#39;re way better at feeling like cohesive parts of the world than probably any game I&#39;ve really played.<br>