What minor thing grinds your gears atm?

Started by Legend, Feb 02, 2021, 06:26 PM

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I almost want to catalog reading comprehension issues somehow.

Like I've seen people argue, despite the fact that they are saying the exact same thing in a different way, and yet they don't recognize it.

"Sally is taller than Jake"

"no you idiot, Jake is shorter than Sally."

If someone were to say "smoke as much as is healthy", I would bet at least a few people would assume that the person meant that it was somehow okay to smoke, and argue with that person "because smoking isn't healthy". Even if that person clearly meant that not smoking was what was healthy.  
Speaking of language and comprehension issues: https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenAI/comments/1crriib/i_just_tested_the_gpt4o_gpt4_turbo_and_claude_3/

"Tom currently has 8 apples, he ate 3 of them yesterday. How many apples does Tom currently have?"

So many people think this sentence is an impossible paradox because it says 3 "of them" instead of 3 "apples." They think AIs should refuse to answer and instead call out the user because you can't eat 3 of 8 apples and still have 8.

"Them" just refers to apples in general and stuff like that is common in English like: "I got to pet a dog today, I just love them."


I don't know if this even minor.

There's a woman who ran a marathon and her husband kind of pushed the kids in her direction just before she crossed the finish line.

This is like a 5 second video.  

There are tons of articles and tons of people are mad at the guy, about how he's a giant a-hole undermining her accomplishments.

>While the video garnered a lot of attention on TikTok, currently boasting over 12 million views, it went viral across all corners of the internet after X.com user Virginia Brasch reshared the video to her account, accusing the man of intentionally using the children to "derail" his wife's success.

No, 'Marathon Mom' Did Not Ignore Her Kids--Her Partner Set Her Up to Fail

The runner posted a video on Instagram today about how she agreed with her husband that she would cross the finish line with her daughters, and changed her mind because of how close the race was. So like she was involved in the decision.

But of course the story about how he's unfathomably big a-hole has been seen by millions and it's doubtful her side of the story will go as far.


It's fudged up how the internet takes random people and uses them like national celebrities to attack.


There's a dismissive argument based on something being rare.

Like people will dismiss any conversation about intersex people on the basis that they're rare. Only 1 in a few hundred people are in that category.

It's a meaningless argument on its own.

Like if there are only two options with bad side effect where one of them is rare and the other one is common, that argument can hold up.

But if the options are "do nothing" and "kill everyone named Sally", you can't argue "it's okay because Sally is an uncommon name and only affects 1 in 20,000 people"

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