If MS builds a mobile store, should Sony follow?

Started by the-pi-guy, Mar 21, 2023, 03:32 PM

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There's been quite a bit of reporting claiming that MS wants Activision Blizzard King for mobile (CoD mobile, King, etc.) so that they can build an app store and challenge Apple/Google.  

In the console space, Sony has a pretty solid lead.
In the PC space, Valve is pretty dominant. MS and Sony are both publishing more of their titles in that space.

But Sony doesn't have much in the mobile space. The question here is... should they? They're challenging MS in a lot of other areas. Should they challenge MS here?


I know most people here aren't going to care about the mobile space from a personal point of view, but from a business point of view... does it make sense?


without hardware,.. what does an MS storefront even look like on mobile?  

app downloads?   ...never going to happen on apple.   android is more open but even then,.. why buy from MS instead of from google?  i'm going to get better service from the platform owner than from a 3rd party when new OS updates occur.  

just cloud streaming?     ...hard pass from me.   

i'd love cloud streaming as a value addition to my current ps+ subscription.   there are a couple times a year being able to stream a game would be much more convenient than the alternatives.   ...but even those times have now been basically obliterated (for me personally) now that I purchased a steamdeck.  i'll never invest in a cloud only game though.   now matter how impressed i am about the technical feats of these services,.. they aren't as good as installed software.  

MS has some BS vision that I want to play games like GTA on an ipad.   it's just not true.   for fudges sake netflix gave me for free TMNT shredder's revenge on ipad.  this is a game i LOVE.   still don't want to play it on ipad:
1. the game is UNPLAYABLE using touch controls
2. i don't fudgy want to carry a dualsense around on my commute

if i'm on an ipad i play games like angry birds.   if i want to play something more involved i buy a switch or steamdeck.   MS is searching from some inbetween state for which there are basically 0 customers.  

...i don't want this service on my smartTV either.   it's as dumb a use case as series S.  even at $500 consoles just aren't that expensive.   just buying a controller is like 1/5 the cost of a console.   no one in the world is saying to themselves i wish i could be playing involved video games like GTA but i just can't afford to buy a console.   this market does not exist.

MS will do what MS does here.   fail and fail again.   it's a waste of time and effort and i hope sony does not follow suit.   sony shouldn't be trying to make a mobile app store,.. they should try to make a mobile app game that is as successful as things like angry birds or candy crush.  just put it on the apple/android apps store and be done with it.   
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Microsoft has gamepass streaming popularity to help a bit, but I doubt they'll find much success. Amazon did a pretty big push trying to put their app store on phones and it sure didn't take off.

Sony shouldn't follow. Epic had a killer app with Fortnight and even they haven't found success with a mobile store.


I mean... on mobile I just don't see the point. But if they release a PS store on PC/Mobile/PS, where your wallet and library is shared, then it makes sense.

But honestly on mobile I personally just download from the Google app store, and dont bother checking anything else.


On the one hand, mobile is a (weirdly) huge business.

On the other hand, as everyone points out; it doesn't seem particularly feasible.  


On the one hand, mobile is a (weirdly) huge business.

On the other hand, as everyone points out; it doesn't seem particularly feasible.  
Its huge, but building a store isn't easy or cheap. Releasing the content and apps they have on the Google/app store might just be more profitable.

 Yes, they lose 30% of the revenue to apple/google, but overall it might he cheaper, more profitable and quicker to go down that route.