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Started by ethomaz, Jun 05, 2014, 03:13 AM

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I watched another person's playthrough of the Case of the Golden Idol and now I'm unsure if there's a few mistakes in there.

Spoiler for Hidden:
<br>In case 10 it says &quot;To execute his punishment BLANK was used on him...&quot; The solution is &quot;idol&quot; yet it&#39;s not grammatically correct. Through me for a loop since it&#39;s the only time this happens, as far as I can remember.<br><br>In case 7 the solution is &quot;signaled to Walter Keene with a tankard which cup had no poison.&quot; yet as far as I&#39;ve been able to figure out, this isn&#39;t ever shown. It can only be solved be filling in the blanks of the scroll.<br><br>In case 11 the correct solution is kidnapping Mary but kidnapping her husband is just as valid, as far as I can tell. At least from my understanding of the clues kidnapping her husband is more valid since Edmund talks about shipping him off in his letter. Maybe there is a rejection letter from her that I missed?<br><br>Also I don&#39;t exactly understand the timing of case 11.<br><br>The bike is spotted at 8:30 by the random woman yet David Gorran doesn&#39;t go to the inn till 10:30. Is he at the manor when Lazo dies, and he just carries on because?<br>

I want to love the game and I love a lot about it, but for now I'm really bummed that it's not the game I expected. It's much more of a point and click adventure game than an "immersive problem solving" game like Return of the Obra Dinn or Her Story. Great puzzles at least.