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Started by ethomaz, Jun 05, 2014, 03:13 AM

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I think there were a few instances where I filled out a section by using what I know and working out the rest by reading writing and filling in what makes sense. Felt like cheating.
The game does feel like all the evidence is there though and i it was fun working it out but it did fell like the game peaked after the first few chapters and then went downhill. The puzzles seem to get lazy at times.

I spoke to soon about Portal 2. I thought I was as the end when I last posted but there's been 2 more chapters.
Spoiler for Hidden:
A new game mechanic as been introduced with the gels. Doesn't make the game harder but a nice change. Also seeing a different side to GLaDOS.

the end isn't even the end.  you haven't finished the game if you haven't played the extra coop levels.
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