Do you think PS+ Extra/Premium will come to xbox someday?

Started by kitler53, Jun 20, 2022, 07:41 PM

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So much discussion is had on the internet about how sony has to allow MS to put gamepass on playstation.  Seem only fair we ask the same question in reverse.  Does MS need to let sony put ps+ Extra/Premium on the xbox?

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lol fair question.

No. If it stays irrelevant then Microsoft could publicly invite them for pr points/leverage though.


Yes, Phil Spencer will promise to bring Bethesda, Activision and EA games to PlayStation, if Sony supports Gamepass.

2027, Microsoft and Sony come to a deal that the console wars are over. Microsoft is now pushing gamepass on PlayStation, and all of their games will come to the platform. As part of the deal Sony is able to push PlayStation Plus on Xbox consoles.